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In the early nineties, following the commercialization of the Meura 2001, several studies were conducted by Professor Wackerbauer and his team at the VLB University in Berlin. In an article titled “The Influence of Grist from a Hammermill on Wort and Beer Quality” (Brauwelt, 1993, p107-113), the authors end the article by summarizing: “Quality of wort made of finest grist is at least equal to worts of conventional mash filters or lauter tuns. The beers produced with hammermill grist were even slightly preferred”.

In an earlier study Wackerbauer, et al. (Brauwelt 132, 1992, p1922-1936) concerning the relation between fine and coarse grist to flavor stability (translated into English): “… the influence of the mashing and boiling method on the wort composition is much more important than the filtration method.”

In 2005, a study was made comparing the flavour stability of wort produced under similar conditions in a pilot brewhouse, one with a lauter tun and one with a mash filter (G. De Rouck, G. Aerts, L. De Cooman, I. De Pril, B. Van Hijfte& J. van Waesberghe – E.B.C. convention Prague, 2005). In the summary, the article states: “… the difference in flavor stability between these lauter tun and thin-bed filter beers is almost zero, with a slight preference for thin-bed filter beers…”.

The preceding are just a few examples of the research work that has been done. Even more convincing than research results, might be the following references.

Industrial References

Heineken (Worldwide)

In 1992, Heineken installed its first Meura 2001 in Italy at the Massafra brewery. An extensive study of its performance followed after which Heineken approved the Meura 2001 for the production of the Heineken brand. To date, Heineken and its affiliates has installed over 35Meura 2001 filters around the world. One of the latest installations is at the Den Bosch brewery (Netherlands). This brewery produces mainly the Heineken brand and is the major export brewery of Heineken beer to the U.S.A. Flavor stability is an extremely important consideration as you can imagine!

Beck’s brewery (Germany)

This brewery has 5 brewhouses. Before 1991 the brewery only used lauter tuns. In 1991, the brewery installed Meura 2001 mash filters in 2 brewhouses. When an expansion was made5 years later, a (double) Meura 2001 mash filter was installed in their new brewhouse.  Beck’s beer alone represents 50% of German beer exports where again, flavor stability can be expected to be very important.

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