Here is a list of well-known brewing companies using Meura 2001 mash filters:

Heineken (Worldwide)

In 1992, Heineken installed its first Meura 2001 in Italy  at the Massafra brewery. After an extensive study, Heineken approved the Meura 2001 for the production of the Heineken brand. To date, Heineken and its affiliates has installed over 35 Meura 2001 filters.

Beck’s (Germany)

This brewery has 5 brewhouses. Before 1991 the brewery only used lauter tuns. In 1991, the brewery installed Meura 2001 mash filters in 2 brewhouses. When an expansion was made 5 years later, a (double) Meura 2001 mash filter was installed in their new brewhouse.

Polar (Venezuela)

Although less well known in the USA than the other companies on this list, Polar produces about 14 million hl/year. In 1992, they installed their first Meura 2001 filter in one of their breweries (previously all were equipped with lauter tuns). Since then, they have been replacing, step by step, all their lauter tuns.

Guinness (Worldwide)

In 1991, the Guinness group installed their first Meura 2001 in the Park Royal Brewery in London.The filtration time for their famous stout beer was reduced by over 50%. To date, the Guinness group has purchased more than 9 Meura 2001 filters.

Carlsberg (Worldwide)

Since 1994, the Carlsberg group has installed more than 20 Meura 2001 filters.

AB Inbev (Worldwide)

The first Meura 2001 industrial pilot filter was installed in this group and from the beginning they were convinced about the technology. Since then, AB Inbev and affiliates have installed over 48Meura 2001 filters.

SABMiller (Worldwide)

To date, SAB Miller breweries have installed more than 10Meura 2001 filters.

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