When it comes to making beer, “cleanliness is next to godliness” certainly applies and if you are relatively new to commercial brewing. At Aegir, we will design and build a CIP system for you that meets your needs and your budget. And we will help you to establish a cleaning regimen based upon how you plan to operate your brewery.  There are many ways to approach this; here are just a few examples:

 Option 1: Portable CIP

Brewhouse vessel and wort-way cleaning is done using the cleaning routines that are programmed into our systems with the cleaning chemicals added directly into the vessels and recirculated.

Fermenter cleaning is done with a cart-mounted pump having a variable frequency drive, a receptacle for introducing cleaning chemicals, and flexible hoses to and from the cart to the fermenter. Water is introduced into the fermenter either from water hose or transferred from the brewhouse allowing hot water to be used if desired.

Option 2: Stationary CIP Station, Hard-piped CIP lines, Pump Cart

This consists of four hard-piped lines – two for the wort-way and two for the CIP pathway. These four lines run from the brewhouse and CIP module to a 4-port connection panel in or near the fermenter farm. That panel can be mounted on one of the fermenters or floor-mounted. From that connection panel, flexible hose is used to transfer wort or cleaning solution to a given fermenter.

Fermenter cleaning is done with a combination of the stationary CIP module and the cart-mounted pump. Cleaning solutions are mixed in the CIP module (and heated if required) and then pumped to the flow panel and on into the fermenter via flexible hose. The pump cart is attached to the fermenter and the cleaning solution recirculated. If desired, the cleaning solution can be pumped back to the stationary CIP module or back to the brewhouse for vessel cleaning using the cart-mounted pump.

The pump cart can also be used for transferring product from the fermenter to your kegging or bottling line or a separate pump cart can be used for this operation.

Fermenter temperature monitoring and control using the brewhouse control system is typically included in this option.

Option 3: Fully hard-piped system, central flow panel, fermenter flow panels, stationary CIP module, and complete fermenter farm control

In addition to the hard-piping and the stationary CIP module in Option 2, this option includes an 8-port central flow control panel and 4-port flow control panels, one on each fermenter. It also includes hard-piping between the central flow control panel and the fermenter panels and the packaging line(s). Fermenters are divided into groups and a return/recirculation pump is included for each group.

In addition to the fermenter temperature monitoring and control in Option 2, this option includes proximity switches in the flow control panels to allow pathway control for product and cleaning solutions from the brewhouse control screen.


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