Aegir Brewing Systems was founded to bring the best of Belgian brewing technology to craft brewers in North America. We design and build brewhouses using instrumentation, control systems and automation normally found in much larger systems. More than a collection of tanks connected by tubing, an Aegir brewhouse is a turnkey system designed with the brewer in mind and engineered to be a model of efficiency, flexibility and beauty.

All our brewhouses are designed around the Meura 2001® mash filter and therefore get more from this technology than any competing system, a lot more. With a focus on systems having a batch size of 20 – 60 hectoliters (about 15 – 50 barrels), even our 20 HL system can easily make enough wort to produce 10,000 barrels of beer per annum, operating just 5 shifts per week. If your interest is in a larger system, up to 100 hectoliters/brew, please give us a call too.

Advanced design, superior build quality, and an exceptional level of support, cost money. An Aegir system is not the lowest priced system on the market but it absolutely will be the lowest cost to operate, by far, and the higher initial investment will soon be recovered. Brewery owners will see lower raw material, energy, and labor costs plus reduced installation and start-up costs. Brewers will be able to be more creative in their offerings, more consistent in their brewing, and will get a system that is easy to operate, if not downright fun to run. If your vision for the future is to be a bigger, more profitable brewery producing better, more consistent beers in a wide range of styles, we firmly believe we can help you achieve that. Please have a further look:

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