Aegir is the market and technology leader in mash filter brewhouses below 100 BBL. All our systems, from 15 – 100 BBL are designed around the Meura2001® mash filter. As a result, we have become experts in mash-filter brewing at the craft scale and get more from this remarkable technology than anybody else. 

Built in America, all Aegir brewhouses are fully automated. Designed with the brewer in mind, an Aegir system provides unmatched yield, productivity, reliability and grain bill flexibility. And they’re good looking too.


An Aegir brewhouse and Meura mash filter can be expected to deliver extract yields above 98% and 100% is not uncommon. Hop consumption can be expected to be 5-15% lower and water savings of 20% and more is possible.

Production of higher-gravity worts, e.g., over 24° Plato in the first wort and 16° Plato after sparging is common.


Aegir brewhouses are designed and built using instrumentation, control systems and automation normally found in much larger systems. Typically, an Aegir system can produce 2 brews in 8 hours, 4-5 brews in 12 hours, 5-6 brews in 16 hours, or 8-10 brews in 24 hours with just a single brewer per shift.


Because a mash filter has more than 5 times the filter area of a lauter tun and uses low pressure rather than relying on gravity to extract the wort from the spent grains, it is possible to brew with grains that would amaze a lauter-tun brewer.

In the case of rye, wheat, oats and gluten-free grains like sorghum, buckwheat and millet, this means a wider range of beer styles can be produced easily. In the case of using a proportion of unmalted grains, this means lower raw material costs.

With an Aegir brewhouse it is possible to produce batches between 40% and 110% of the rated capacity of the system. Lautering bed depth is not a factor, kettle volume is not a factor, and whirlpool effectiveness is not a factor.

Temperature and time rests can be programmed into an Aegir system according to the brewer’s desire to get a particular carbohydrate profile

Whether ales, lagers, stouts, sours or anything else, an Aegir system can produce the perfect wort with repeatability.


Please check out a few of our customers. They are making some of the most interesting and best-crafted beers on the market.

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